Custom built hardware and brought to patent office solutions are crucial for Wiperbox – the erasing capabilities of this tool are critical for companies focused on data security. Advanced enough to protect your company and so easy to use that switching from other solutions takes just minutes.

Size does not matter

Small and light – Wiperbox fits into every backpack and briefcase while offering great mobility and ensuring that data is irretrievably removed anywhere it’s required.

Independent from your network

Using internet-based solutions is not always the option. High-level security locations require offline approach and we that’s exactly what we provide. Wiperapp can create secure, internal network without ever connecting to an outside world.

Sell, not destroy

Erasing data is the best way to protect your business and environment at same time, at minimal cost. Wiperbox is a best solution for every company that needs to erase data from +250 computer at once.